Vintage Photos

Train Wreck in Shelburn, Indiana March 14, 1915

Shelburn, Indiana March 14 1915 Vintage pictures are like a window in time. They show us a view of the past like we can not experience on our own. These photos give us a look at the days gone by and how people lived, played, worked, and loved. Pioneering photographers have captured these brief moments in history for us to enjoy today.

It is amazing the detail that can be found in old black and white photos. To think that history was sometimes recorded with just a simple "Black Box" is amazing. Nothing fancy, a roll of film, your "Hawkeye" or "Brownie" and a steady hand was all that was necessary to preserve a piece of history. Observe the above photo of the wreck of the Dixie Flyer in Shelburn, Indiana on March 14, 1915. Someone captured the moment with great style. The photo captures the whole story of the mangled locomotive still belching steam from it's boiler, to the train cars all askew and the crowds of people gathering from afar to see the site. The photographer included a subject title and date on the photo itself to record this historic moment. One interesting thing I found was after enlarging the photo I found only one person in the entire photo that didn't have his head covered. Everyone else has a hat or some type of head gear on. Was it a fad or just a very cold day in March?